From Committee of the Whole

Committee of the Whole – Monday afternoon (L6. Promoting Alternative Development as a development-oriented drug control strategy)

Title Chair: No comments PP1 Mexico: During consultations on this draft resolution, we had expressed our concern with the reference to the 2030 Agenda. We know for the US, it is important to have adequate language. We suggest “recalling” to be substituted with “as was reiterated”, to take into account the US proposal that there’s a …

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Committee of the Whole – Monday afternoon (L5 – Enhancing forensic detection capability for synthetic drugs through increasing international collaboration)

Australia: Our resolution seeks to look at capability-building in the area of supply-reduction, particularly forensics. Primarily on health and safety, community protection and disposal. Hence references to information sharing. We have had good engagement in two informal sessions (Wednesday morning, and earlier today). Some text included now. All but two occasions agreed. Chair: Let’s consider the …

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Committee of the Whole (Friday Afternoon) – Final meeting. Various resolutions.

L4.Rev 1 – Algeria, Andorra, Belarus, China, Indonesia, Pakistan, Russian Federation, Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Switzerland… Outlines extra-budgetary resources required. Invites commission to adopt the resolution. Any statements? No. Co-sponsors – Iraq, Pakistan, Peru, Bosnia Herzegovia, Honduras, El Salvador, Libya, Lichtenstein, Nigeria, Paraguay, Philippines L5. Rev 1  – no financial implications. Cosponsor – Peru, Norway, …

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