From High Level Segment

High Level Segment – Adoption of the Joint Ministerial Statement

High level segment called to adopt the resolution E/CN.7/2014/L.15 and will then be submitted to ECOSOC meeting. The resolution was adopted without objection. Available here: Greek delegation. We command the chairman for his work. Take  the floor for EU, Turkey, Montenegro, Bosnia, Lies, Moldova, Switzerland, Chile, Monaco, Mexico, Uruguay, Panama, Argentina, Colombia, Namibia, etc.  Regret that …

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Roundtable on countering money laundering report

Thank all those who participated.  Speakers expressed concerns about scale of illicit financial flows from drug trafficking.  Proceeds to banking system and informal and formal transfer systems.  Highlighted disruption of financial flows is a major component in disrupting transnational organized crime.  FATF recommendations useful in combating illicit financial flows.  Anti-money laundering legal framework.  Financial intelligence …

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Supply Reduction Roundtable Report

Participants expressed concerns about increased poppy production in Afghanistan. Concern about lack of knowledge about drug users. Concern about trafficking and need for better information sharing. Spoke about effective control of precursors, esp in relation to synthetics and NPS. Referred to cocern about increase in methamphetamine and increase in NPS use. Tighter controls to intercept …

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