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Side event: Drug control policies and the militarisation of security: Reflections on the experience in the americas

Organised by Conectas, the Brazilian Drug Policy Platform, the Washington Office on Latin America and the Centre for Legal and Social Studies. Today we will be talking about how drug control policies and the militarisation of the Americas are related to each other. There are 2 specific moments related to this context: (1) last year, …

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Side event: Innovative national approaches to address illicit synthetic drug threats

Organized by the Governments of Canada, Colombia and the United States of America. US: Trafficking in synthetic drugs is the main challenge of our generation and the next. Compounds on issues we faced with traditional drugs. Recognize this as a complex international challenge. Many online drug transfers are transacted through virtual currencies. One synthetic drug …

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Side event: Good results from low investments – mobilisation of resources for the prevention and recovery in low-resourced settings

Organised by FORUT Campaign for Development and Solidarity, IOGT Norway, Uganda Youth Development Link, the Croatian Association of Clubs of Treated Alcoholics, and the Malawi Girl Guides Association. Started late: 13:20 Croatia: Differences between Hudolin’s CTA and Alcoholics Anonymous – qualified experts used, family approach and the club’s public activities influence the community. The role …

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