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Side Event: Saving Lives by Ending the Drug War

Panel: Ann Fordham, Brun González, Jane Slater, Jindřich Vobořil, Mary Catherine Alvarez, Maricela Orozco Montalvo, Suzanne Sharkey, Peter Muyshondt Jindřich Vobořil: Welcome to our event. I am the National Drug Coordinator for the Czech Republic. We combined different ways of approaching this issue. We will start with some real life stories first of all.  Jane …

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Plenary: Agenda Item 13

Resolution L2 Chair: We will now approve L2 Pakistan: We are happy the CND has adopted a resolution for the most affected states and enhance capacity building for those so affected. Chair: Any co sponsors? Argentina, Philipines, US, Serbia, and Malaysia, Resolution L3 Chair: Next resolution is L3 on the governance and final situation of the …

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Plenary – Agenda Item 12

National Association Against Drugs – Drug Policy Futures. We reject the simple dichotomy of the war on drugs and legal regulation. Regulation does not sit in the international conventions, and we ask the member states do not take up legalisation as it is against the conventions. Legalisation of alcohol and tobacco has been a public …

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