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Side Event: Legal uses and markets for cannabis, coca and opium poppy – breaking disbalances and stigma under UNGASS 2016 approach

Martin Jelsma: We have an opportunity to explore the power of nature and under the framework of the conventions.   Fernando Botero: I am grateful to you for exploring this topic. Colombia is always placing human beings at the centre of policy. To see UN-wide cooperation to address the world drug problem. Colombia joins those who …

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Side Event: Saving Lives by Ending the Drug War

Panel: Ann Fordham, Brun González, Jane Slater, Jindřich Vobořil, Mary Catherine Alvarez, Maricela Orozco Montalvo, Suzanne Sharkey, Peter Muyshondt Jindřich Vobořil: Welcome to our event. I am the National Drug Coordinator for the Czech Republic. We combined different ways of approaching this issue. We will start with some real life stories first of all.  Jane …

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