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Committee of the Whole (Thursday morning). L4. Promoting measures to prevent and treat viral hepatitis C among people who use drugs

Chair: Happy new year to those who celebrate Norway: Thank you everyone for time yesterday – 3 outstanding PPs and title left. Let’s first agree to paragraphs agreed in informals. PPs on 2019 Ministerial Declaration USA: Thank you Norway – combine PPs on Min Dec statements. Belgium: Amendment for last line – add ‘continue to …

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Committee of the Whole, Wednesday morning / Thursday afternoon (L7. Advancing effective and innovative approaches, through national, regional, and international action, to address the multifaceted challenges posed by synthetic drugs, particularly synthetic opioids

USA: Thank you chair, we have had three sessions of informals and believe we have completed a review of the preamble so should be able to get through that but may need time or the operative paragraphs. Chair: We will now move through L7, is there any comments? Title approved. PP1 Australia: originally this pp …

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