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Special Event: Taking Action to Increase Access to Controlled Drugs for Medical Purposes While Preventing Diversion and Misuse

Dr Lisa Studdert, Australia’s Head of Delegation Australia is deeply concern on the global disparity on global access to essential medicines. We need to work together. Adequate provision must be made to ensure access. It’s very important that the conventions do no restrict access. We need to reduce the risks of diversion for illicit use. …

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Side event: The response to drug use related problems among vulnerable populations in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay

Ambassador Rafael Grossi, : We have specific problems in our region and have addressed them specifically, which is why I’m happy to introduce my colleagues. Roberto Moro, SEDRONAR, Argentina: We started in Argentina an organisation because we needed scientific information to compile information. We started the Observatory for this purposes. The goal was to make sure …

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