Civil Society Participation

CND Intersessional, 27 September 2017: Chapter 2 on access to controlled substances for medical and scientific purposes

Gilberto Gerra, UNODC. Only a few words from me to introduce my colleague. The rooms in the UN can be impermeable to sound, including the screaming of millions of people in unnecessary pain – people undergoing surgery, people suffering from pain. Thanks to cooperation with Belgium and others, we are working to overcome this – this …

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Side event: Preparing for 2019: Drug policy objectives and indicators, system-wide coherence and the Sustainable Development Agenda

Renata Segura, SSRC. I thank the organisers and Switzerland for their continued support. Christian Schneider, Switzerland. I will discuss the state perspective on policy metrics. I don’t represent the official Swiss position here, I am contributing to the World Drug Report and Part IV on law enforcement indicators. I am also a consumer of UNODC’s products so …

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Side event: How can we make the International drug control system better protect our youth?

Panel: Jane Slater (Anyone’s Child/Transform Drug Policy Foundation), Peter Muyshondt (Anyone’s Child), Fiona Gilbertson (Anyone’s Child/Recovering Justice), Inez Feria, Murtaza Majeed, Donna May (Anyone’s Child/mumsDU) Watch the video of the event onAnyone’s Child website.  Jane Slater: These are the real people who are being impacted by our policies. I think there is a lot of …

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