Civil Society Participation

Side event: Human rights and drug control: Hierarchy of norms and flexibility for member states

Human Rights and drug control: Hierarchy of norms and flexibility. Richard Lines. International legal obligations as dynamic, non-value driven?, both value-driven approach and non-value driven (medical and scientific approach) fit in drug control system, Death penalty for drug offences, death penalty is not mandate it violates HR treaties, not having the death penalty does not …

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Side event: Drug Policy Reform in West Africa

Francis Kofi Torkornoo, Narcotics Control Board, Ghana. Our mandate is both for drug supply reduction and demand reduction. Within these two mandates, most of the resources have been spent in the supply reduction work, with demand reduction getting between 15 and 20% of the resources. Ghana is committed to the UNGASS Outcome Document from 2016, as …

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Side event: Are drug policies protecting youth?

Organised by Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP).  Orsi Feher (Students for Sensible Drug Policy, Vienna) Hello and welcome. As representatives of SSDP, we represent 264 chapters over 26 countries, including Nigeria, Austria, United States. We will be speaking about our own experiences. As I am originally from Hungary I will be speaking about Hungary. …

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