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Special Event: Taking Action to Increase Access to Controlled Drugs for Medical Purposes While Preventing Diversion and Misuse

Dr Lisa Studdert, Australia’s Head of Delegation Australia is deeply concern on the global disparity on global access to essential medicines. We need to work together. Adequate provision must be made to ensure access. It’s very important that the conventions do no restrict access. We need to reduce the risks of diversion for illicit use. …

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Side event: Problem-solving strategies for drug-related offences: getting justice systems and community actors together

Organized by the Governments of the Bahamas, Canada, Trinidad and Tobago, the United States, Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission/Organization of American States, the UNODC Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation Section and the UNODC Justice Section. Chaired by Adam Namm, Executive Secretary of the Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission (CICAD). Trinidad and Tobago (Chief Magistrate): Our country …

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Side Events: Drug Courts: The Promise and the Reality

Chair: Daniel Abrahamson, Senior Legal Adviser, Drug Policy Alliance (USA)   Denise Tomasini-Joshi, Open Society Foundations Drug courts have become increasingly popular, and the rhetoric around them is increasingly positive – when people talk about them, they talk about successes and reduced recidivism, etc. But what we find is that the real story is more …

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