CND Sessions

Side Event: ‘Were you really raped or did you just not get paid?’ – Addressing stigma and violence against women who use drugs

Zhuldyz Akisheva, UNODC Regional Office South Africa: Welcome. Ms. Molekane, South Africa: We have a regulatory and institutional responsibility to respond to the needs of women, drug users and other stakeholders. The main issue is NPS that hampers our treatment and recovery responses due to its constantly changing nature. WDR continues to pose serious threats. …

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Side Event: Youth Participation in Drug Use Prevention: A Way to Build Healthy, and Prosperous Communities and Societies

Organized by Kyrgyzstan and the Russian Federation, and Turkish Green Crescent Society and UNODC Drug Prevention and Health Branch. Elizabeth Mattfeld, Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation Section, Drug Prevention and Health Branch, UNODC: UNODC Handbook on Youth Participation in Drug Prevention Work. We have meaningful engagement of youth. Youth driving creation of this document. Defines youth …

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Side Event: Bridging the Gaps between Crime and Development Perspectives in Drug Policy: The Drugs & Development Hub

[…] UNODC AD (stand-in): WDP and Sustainable Development: a complex relationship – responses impact each other. We cannot look at these areas out of context. Drug use undermines goal 5 (gender equality) – women take more pharmaceutical medications and men are more into drugs like cocaine and heroin. Clear lack of services for women. Women …

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