From Plenary Sessions

Plenary: Item 9- Contributions by the Commission to the work of the Economic and Social Council, in line with General Assembly resolution 72/305, including follow-up to and review and implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

Chair: The commission decided to include this standing item on the agenda focusing on Economic and Social Council. The commission has been contributing as appropriate to the council’s work. In the 2019 Ministerial Declaration, member states reiterated the efforts to achieve SDGs were complementary and mutually reinforcing. In September 2019, heads of states gathered in …

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Plenary: Item 7. Inter-agency cooperation and coordination of efforts in addressing and countering the world drug problem

Chair: …Co-operation also takes place among inter-governmental bodies. The Commission seeks to strengthen horizontal cooperation. More information on this matter is contained in the conference paper E/CN7/2020/CRP-5, providing an overview of inter-agency cooperation of efforts. The Commission also has a note by the Secretariat on promoting coordination and alignment of decisions by the INCB, and the programme on HIV/AIDs, …

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