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Side Event: Indigenous-led harm reduction interventions

Indigenous-led harm reduction interventions that align with indigenous knowledge and practice. Sarah Helm: Welcome. We are starting with a traditional He karakia poto, an indigenous non-religious prayer. (Prayer). As an indigenous person, it is an honor being here today representing my country, my foundation and hosting an event on this topic. We are grateful for …

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Plenary Item 7. Inter-agency cooperation and coordination of efforts in addressing and countering the world drug problem

March 16, Thursday 12:00pm Chair: (Introduction of agenda item 7.) UNODC: (…) The UN Common Position is an attempt by the whole UN system to have a united position on this multifaceted issue, informed by strong research, and deep discussions. This relies on inter-agency collaboration and 8 key principles. I pick the most important to …

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Side event: Drugs and criminal justice. The situation in Latin America and Spain

Organized by the Unión Española de Asociaciones y Entidades de Atención al Drogodependiente (UNAD) with the Support of Spain, the Executive Secretariat of the Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission of the Organization of American States (CICAD/OAS), Red Iberoamericana de Organizaciones No Gubernamentales que Trabajan en Drogodependencias (RIOD), Dejusticia, the Asociación Costarricense para el Estudio de …

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