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War on drugs vs. New paradigm

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In some instances, drug law enforcement efforts – especially where the military gets involved as a repressive tool against drug cultivators and traffickers – have tended to exacerbate insecurity and drug market-related violence. For more information, check the IDPC Drug policy Guide.

For the CND 2018 map, proxies were utilised. “New Paradigm” defines countries that manifested a preference for the primacy of the UNGASS Outcome Document; whilst “War on Drugs” defines countries that pronounced themselves for the extension of the 2009 Political Declaration and its targets.

Please note these maps are produced on the basis of non-literal real-time accounts of UN debates available at the CND Blog. While all care has been taken to ensure that the information presented here reflects the spirit of official statements, inaccuracies are possible. If you wish to suggest an amendment, please write to contact[@]idpc.net.