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Side event: Youth and law enforcement

Florian, Youth Rise (Moderator) I am starting with introduction and we will have questions at the end. Morgana Daniele, International Coordinator of Youth Rise: I start with a short story from my country and then the Yoda context. Last year in my country (I come from Lithuania) for the first time drug use was criminalized a …

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Side event: Modernizing drug policy: What helps and what goes against it—case studies

Organized by Fédération bruxelloise des institutions pour toxicomanes, the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, the International Drug Policy Consortium and the Piaget Agency for Development. Jose Queiros, APDES, Portugal: Sometimes we’re antagonists with Joao Goulao. We’re friends and colleagues, but we have different roles: civil society and State. In the 1990s, the scenario was dramatic. Open drug …

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