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Side event: Drug crypto markets beyond 2020: Policy, enforcement, harm, and resilience

Organized by the Government of the Netherlands, Asociación Bienestar y Desarollo (Energy Control), the Global Drug Policy Observatory and the International Drug Policy Consortium Anke ter Hoeve, Netherlands: The Netherlands is a staunch supporter of evidence based drug policymaking. We had a side event on the matter and submitted a resolution which commanded great support. …

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Side Event: Drug Crypto Markets Beyond 2020: Policy, Enforcement, Harm, and Resilience

Organized by the Netherlands, and Asociacion Bienestar y Desarollo (Energy Control), Global Drug Policy Observatory and International Drug Policy Consortium. Surprisingly little research on drug crypto markets. Crypto markets continue to function despite high profile law enforcement actions. Data suggests that production of drugs on crypto markets remain robust and in some contexts are increasing. …

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Thematic sessions – Follow up to the 2019 Ministerial Declaration, 16 October

First round of thematic sessions on the implementation of all international drug policy commitments following up to the 2019 Ministerial Declaration Theme addressed: ‘…that both the range of drugs and drugs markets are expanding and diversifying…’. Background Note by the Secretariat Morning Session Chair: Welcome INCB [Introduction of the work of INCB] … no crimes should …

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CND Intersessional Meeting – 27 October 2016: Evolving reality, trends and existing circumstances and threats, including NPS

CND Chair. For a more efficient use of time, let’s start with agenda items 2 and 3, and will then give word to Ambassador Pedro Moitinha, Post-UNGASS Chair. Agenda item 2 – Arrangements for the reconvened and 60th CND.  On the 59th Reconvened, we decided to hold an extra day on UNGASS on 30th November …

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