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Europe Against Drugs (EURAD)

UNGASS Special Segment Day 4 – Interactive Discussion Alternative development; regional, interregional and international cooperation on development-oriented, balanced drug control policy; addressing socioeconomic issues

UNODC Introduction. The UNGASS provides a unique opportunity to assess what work and what doesn’t when addressing the drug problem, including in the area of alternative development. Member states clearly view alternative development as a vital pillar of any strategy. One major challenge is that starting in 2009, official development assistance for alternative development has decreased, …

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UNGASS Special Segment Day 2 – Interactive discussions on demand reduction

Chair. This will include health, HIV, access to essential medicines. The format will include introductory remarks from the chair, as well as 7 minutes presentations from each panellist. Mr. Gilberto Gerra, UNODC. Introductory statement. First question to launch the debate – is it really accepted that young people, people affected by drug use disorder, people …

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Eurobarometer Findings on the Situation on Drugs in Europe – Through the Eyes of the European Youth Organizations

Organized by Active – Sobriety, Friendship and Peace and Europe Against Drugs in partnership with the Icelandic Centre for Social Research and Analysis. Elsa Mata Ecstasy is thought to be particularly harmful, especially its regular use. The same for cocaine. Tough measures against drug dealers and traffickers are thought to be the most effective way …

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