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Observatory of Crops Declared Illicit (OCDI)

Side event: Supply side harm reduction

Fany Pineda, ReverdeSer. I want to start by thanking the organizers of this side-event and all the people who have assisted. At ReverdeSer Colectivo, the organization I work with, we are happy to have an opportunity to speak of such an interesting subject such as “supply side harm reduction”, which is the main focus of our …

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CND Intersessional Meeting – 28 October: Alternative development; regional, interregional and international cooperation on development-oriented balanced drug control policy; addressing socio-economic issues

Post-UNGASS Facilitator. Before we start, I want to give word to the Secretariat to deal with the issues of yesterday’s afternoon session. CND Secretary. Thank you, let me give you an opportunity to make an appendix to yesterday’s session. You will recall that there is a specific reference in Chapter 6 to the work of …

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