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Side Event: Resolving the Global Crisis of Untreated Pain by Improving Access to Controlled Medicines within the Framework of the SDGs

Marie-Paule Kieny, WHO: Emphasize that access to essential medicines is a fundamental pillar. Not nearly enough focus has been paid to access to essential medicines. One of the most important medicines, morphine, is emblematic of the fight to ensure access of medicines. Considered the gold standard for pain relief, yet more than 5 billion people …

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Side event – Coordinated efforts to increase access to controlled drugs for medical purposes

Mr. David Lewis, Australian Permanent Mission. Appreciates efforts of Dr. Gerra.  Panama’s efforts in  WHO EB resolution.  Drawing upon CND resolution on which Australia has led for relief of pain and suffering.  High priority on access to medical opioids for pain relief and palliative care.  Moral obligation to work for better access.  Guaranteeing access was …

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Side Event: Access to internationally controlled drugs for medical purposes – meeting a global challenge

Opening David Stuart – Permanent representative Australia: Access to these medicines globally is very unequal Single convention on narcotic drugs (1961) establishes framework to : 1. Ensure the availability of drugs for medical and scientific purposes. 2. Prevent diversion and abuse. High Income Countries account for 93% of all medical morphine yet 70% of deaths …

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