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CND Intersessional, 17 October 2017: Chapter 5 on evolving reality, trends and existing circumstances

Post-UNGASS Facilitator: I encourage the same level of active participation as we had yesterday, which was a good discussion. Please do ask questions of the panellists. On the panel today, we have the Colombian Ambassador, Angela Mae from UNODC, Gilles Fortes from WHO, Paul Griffiths from EMCDDA, and an NGO representative from the Golden Colombia Initiative. …

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Side event: Supply side harm reduction

Fany Pineda, ReverdeSer. I want to start by thanking the organizers of this side-event and all the people who have assisted. At ReverdeSer Colectivo, the organization I work with, we are happy to have an opportunity to speak of such an interesting subject such as “supply side harm reduction”, which is the main focus of our …

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