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Side Event: Police and Drug Treatment Together: The Global Emergence of Deflection as a Humanitarian Crime Reduction Approach to Drugs

Organized by the Chicago T.A.S.C. Inc. with the support of the Council of Europe – Pompidou Group, the Knowmad Institut gemeinnützige UG (haftungsbeschränkt), the Police, Treatment, and Community Collaborative and the Villa Maraini Foundation This CND Side Event will present a newly emerging global field of practice called “deflection”, which sits at the nexus of …

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Side Event: Innovations within the three UN drug policy conventions. Launch of the Drug Policy Futures. Alternatives? Yes! Legalization? No

S E Sørheim Drug policy futures is a new platform for a debate about health-based drug law. Drug Policy futures if a forum where groups can share successes and ideas. It grew out of discussions here in Vienna. Despite differences, they agree that it’s false choice that ending war on drugs means legalisation. There is …

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