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CND Thematic Discussion // Session 5 – Criminal misuse of information & communications technologies for drug trafficking

Chair: Good Morning. [organizational matters] UNODC, Chief of the Drugs Research Section: Thank you, Mr. Chair, and good morning, everyone. Today, I stand before you to delve deeper into the intricate web of online drug transactions. As we navigate the vast expanse of the internet, we encounter the visible web, the deep web, and the …

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CND Intersessional Meeting – 10 October: Operational recommendations on Demand reduction and related measures, including prevention and treatment, as well as other health-related issues

CND Chair: I propose that we tackle the more logistical agenda items 2 and 3 first, before moving onto the thematic discussions (agenda item 1). Agenda item 2 – plans for the reconvened 59th CND (December) and the 60th CND (March). New nominees have been put forward for 2nd Vice-Chair (Brazil) and 3rd Vice-Chair (Nigeria). …

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Civil Society Forum in preparation for the UN General Assembly Special Session on Drugs

Mr Esbjörn Hörnberg, Vienna NGO Committee on Drugs Chair/ Civil Society Task Force Chair: Through our work, we have managed to achieve meaningful, balanced contributions by civil society. Our work involves many NGOs. We have chosen this opportunity to include the voices of grassroots CSOs. I wish to thank the government of Switzerland and Colombia …

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