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Side Event: Bringing human rights to the forefront of drug policy: development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation

Organized by the Governments of Germany, Malta and Norway and the Pompidou Group of the Council of Europe. Keith Azzopardi, Permanent Representative of Malta: right to life needs to be respected under all circumstances; Pompidou Group documents “Drug Policy and Human Rights” are available. Friedrich Däuble, Permanent Representative of Germany: German drug policy approach fully includes human …

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Side event – Effective drug policies without the death penalty

Chiara Sangiorgio. Amnesty International. Several organisations have highlighted alarming increases in the use of the death penalty for drug offences. H.E. Martin Van Rijn, Minister for Health, Netherlands. We constantly speak out for the protection of human rights. Death penalty is far too common worldwide. It is cruel punishment. The Netherlands supports organisations seeking to eliminate the death …

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