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Committee of the Whole – Consideration of draft resolutions

Hesitant UK and |Netherlands who wanted object:
Netherlands: Does this mean that if anything is produced in INGOV

UK: support Netherlands don’t anticipate that the CND won’t discuss the issue and what the implications are. Russia, Argentina negotiating ethics to point of fatigue, different expectations in order to achieve a valid point of ethics.

China: other delegations astonished that they have expressed their views in such a way the chines delegation has many views regarding the text. would like to adopt sincere debate. In July when ECOSOC is in session we should obey the ethics of diplomacy

Sweden: proposals by Netherlands of amending ppi because it reduces pp2 importance of the working group in assisting the resolution. no need for any amendment.

Germany: draft resolution discussed at some length already suggestion look at proposed amendments and whether the need to re-look exists. referring to 1st preambular paragraph should be convened for other purposes. suggestions to bridge the difference

Colombia: my delegation is troubled by the fact been going on for too long.

chair: two options, insert minimal insertion, discussions too lengthy. Talk on substance issues that have been going on for too long. make minimal insertion. china objects, objection of principle, asks German rep to repeat second role of Finland “insertion” to be honest two proposals are not substantive and have nothing of substance” Sweden rec the right to make proposals.

“All texts negotiated repeatedly, could they change the text o If these are the only two amendments to annex 1 and annex 2 Chairman Question to the room in first and second para fielded to the room. UK Draft decision adopted as consensus as a short overview spread consensus to the commision

Sweden: para 12 to have same language as para 5 after formal consultation.

Netherlands comment on germany on second para – amendments be raed aloud to the floor, is it being put fwd by member states or the commission.


1st pre para annex one will hold reconvened sessios on th

aware of the imp of the role of the standing grouo

Having traveled to facilitae the work porpose the two texts the resolution and the amendment para 8 working group decide to further facilitate negotion


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