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Committee of the Whole – Resolution on Strengthening the Law Enforcement Capacity of the Main Transit States Neighbouring Afghanistan

The Second Resolution considered by the Committee of the Whole at CND this morning was the draft resolution submitted by the Islamic Republic of Iran on ‘strengthening the law enforcement capacity of the main transit states neighbouring Afghanistan, based on the principle of shared responsibility’.

The resolution was a triangular initiative of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan following lengthy informal negotiations by those delegations and the discussion began with promising support for the resolution with G77 and China expressing their support for the resolution. Iran expressed its hope that ‘through the joint operation between these three states the main traffickers can be captured, seizures of drugs will be increased, and the whole world will benefit’.

A small amendment was made so that joint operations would be conducted only within the borders (and not across borders) of the cooperating states.

The discussion also highlighted the problem of precursor chemicals being brought into Afghanistan from neighbouring states which go to produce the heroin so that the neighbouring states are not only transit posts, but also trafficking bases and that this needed to be recognised and addressed.

A lengthy negotiation ensued on whether to expressly recall and commend the good work of many regional and sub regional organisations and whether to appreciate the forthcoming international event on March 27th 2009 special conference in Afghanistan, at the initiative of the Russian Government. The final text is to be open ended so as to include all the above.

The final debate focussed upon whether to explicitly recognise and or restate the United Nations Security Council Resolution on Precursor Control – this was resisted by Iran and Pakistan but promoted by the United Kingdom and others. It appears that the following broad compromise language was accepted ‘notes that the commission on narcotic drugs has been invited to consider, in accordance with its mandate, ways to strengthen regional and international cooperation to prevent the diversion and smuggling of chemical precursors to and within afganistan, and further opportunities for member states to support the afgan government in developing capacities to tackle precursors and trafficking.’ Again, however, the final text of the resolution is yet to be distributed by the UNODC secretariat.

The debate has now moved to the draft resolution of Ethiopia on international support to states in East Africa in their efforts to combat drug trafficking’. The blog will be updated as the discussions progress.

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