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CND Day 3: EU statement on Drug Demand Reduction

The statement from the European Union (EU) was presented by the delegation of the Czech Republic.

The EU is firmly committed to reducing drug demand around the world. The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) report that overall drug use is stablisiing in Europe. It is not increasing and there are some downward trends. However, there is an overall increase in cocaine use, which is reflected in treatment data. There is a need for further reserach on measures to address cocaine dependence as this issue is critical.

Drug demand reduction represents a key element in the EU drug strategy and action plan for the period of 2009-2012. The 2009-2012 strategy and action plan build on work from previous years and include a focus on the following areas:

– To further prevent or delay the first use of drugs and risks associated with it.
– To prevent high risk behaviours of drug users, including injection
– To enhance effectiveness of drug treatment and rehabilitation
– To enhance quality of drug demand reduction interventions
– To develop and implement harm reduction services in prison
– To ensure access to harm reduction services in order to reduce the spread of HIV, HCV and to reduce the number of drug related deaths

The EU stresses the role and commitment of NGOs in the area of drug demand reduction.

The EU is fully committed to achieving universal access to HIV prevention, treatment care and support by 2010. The EU reiterates the role of international organisations in helping to shape and coordinate drug demand reduction responses worldwide.

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