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Lebanon National Speech to HLM

Once again we find ourselves at this annual session to assess the state of drugs in the world and draw plans capable of circumscribing the scourge that besets all of mankind. Lebanon is deeply committed to implement the conventions and we are concerned that only cooperation amongst states can achieve this. This is why Lebanon has taken all methods to address supply reduction and demand reduction. Lebanon has carried out a raid campaign against the northern territories where the fields and deposits of hashish are found. They have been seized – 100 tonnes have been seized, these were intended to go abroad. In addition there were amounts of cocaine and barbiturates which were about to be transited. Combating the traffic of narcotic drugs requires increased amounts of control activities to dismantle networks and preventing the drugs from reaching consumers. Let me take this opportunity to reaffirm what we stated last year – that we are keen to see some uniformisation of procedures regarding controlled deliveries so that they can be implemented in a transparent manner across all countries and i would hope these uniform procedures would be simple enough for all of us. This would help to dismantle networks of traffickers. We have noticed recently that there has been an increased use of mail delivery services and informal parallel delivery services and we were able to seize a number of different parcels and we organised a work shop to inform our offices about the dangers represented by rapid delivery companies. We’ve also notified companies and others involved. We must look seriously at alternative development plans. We would like to share your experiences for alternative development and we hope that we will have international aid to bring this forward.

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