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Sudan Speech to HLM

We are here to review the commitments of 1998 and see how far we have gone towards the meeting of these commitments in terms of supply and demand reduction and meeting challenges ahead. We stress our commitments to the instruments produced by two groups. Control of long borders is very difficult and calls for cooperation by all neighbouring states in the region. Last year Sudan had outstanding achievements in the sense that there were huge quantities of achievements. The quantity was 245 tonnes of cannabis and seeds. These efforts are indicative of the fact that Sudan has been playing a pioneering role of supply and demand reduction. Sudan looks towards the international community as a whole and unodc in particular with regards to equipment and training. You know that Sudan is a transit country. Narcotic drugs go through our country towards Europe. We have been engaging in control with arab countries but this is dangerous, some of the quantities have found their way to the home market and this will cause new problems to my market. the drug problem has caused threats to peace and stability in Sudan. The efforts of civil society is hand in hand with the efforts of state to establish treatment and community centres and we need international assistance for this. We call upon the international community to help us achieve peace and not expose us to the negative consequences of fighting narcotic drugs. The International Criminal Court injunction against our President is not supporting our country and will lead to a regression of efforts to fight narcotic drugs. Finally i would like to express our support of the plan action and the integrated and balanced approach and i would like to take this opportunity to express Sudan’s support for the political declaration.

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