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USA Makes National Statement to HLM Plenary

The delegate of the United States addressed the plenary session of the high level meeting today with the following:
“The USA takes its responsibilities under the un conventions very seriously. The US is committed to reducing the availability of illicit drugs at home and abroad. It is gratifying to see these issues raised in such a distinguished forum. Historically many saw these efforts peripheral to international diplomacy. The US believes that the action plan of 1998 remains relevant. We have made much progress about the science of addiction and many now have access to evidence based drug prevention and treatment programmes. Successful events have been made to counter trafficking. International law has expanded as well as international cooperation with extraditions. There are some disagreements among us but these are modest.
The US is committed to pursuing policies that work to reduce both drug trafficking and drug use. There is no litmus test.”
“The USA is revieing our national strategy and it will include a more comprehensive approach including needle exchange to prevent the transfer of HIV AIDS. ”
The US funds research at home and abroad. We are eager to share experiences and hope the lessons we have learned will be useful to others. We are proud of early detection of drug abuse – screening and prevention – under which model, patients receive medical services in regular health services. Prevention is a key component of our strategy. School based prevention and media campaigns and health based messages provided by parents and other adults in a youth’s life. Drug treatment courts are also a key component. We understand that our responsibilities go beyond our borders. We recognise that some countries face unique burdens. These problems are exemplified by what the tremendous military and police in Mexico are facing. We see drug trade there as a a great threat to our nation. We have pledged over a billion dollars to Mexico to assist them in their anti-narcotic efforts. Columbia is a nation remarkably transformed from a few years ago and we all owe thanks to Columbia for its huge efforts resulting in less cocaine in every country of the world. Afganistan will need sustained support from un and member states to come. UNODC has played a positive role in both Afganistan and its member states. We owe it to ourselves and to the people of Afganistan to assist them. Africa has become a trafficking route, and there has been increased drug consumption, and a greater risk of corruption of democratic institutions.”
“I would like to thank UNODC and INCB in meeting the threats posed by methamphetamine and the smuggling of precursor chemicals. In 2006 the commission adopted a resolution that requested that all members provide estimates of licit precursor chemicals including pharmaceuticals to INCB. Over 100 countries have provided these estimates voluntarily to date and to those who have not provided estimates, i encourage you to do so. The work of this commission is so important. We must intensify our multilateral efforts – this global problem requires a global solution. We have to be proud of the last 10 years and know that there are challenges yet to be met in the next 10 years. We have a responsibility to reduce drug consumption within our borders and collaborate with others around the global in the effort against illegal drugs.”

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