Committee of the Whole – Resolution on strengthened international cooperation in combating drug trafficking in the Committee of the Whole

Ecuador argued that the draft resolution lacks a balanced approach to the drug problem. The title should be changed. Instead of saying in “combating drug trafficking”, the resolution should say encountering the world drug problem. The delegation is not convinced that it’s a resolution that focused solely on drug trafficking. Further, the delegation would like to see preambuler paragraph 5 [which refers to: “the negative effects of transnational crime, including smuggling and trafficking of human beings, narcotic drugs and small arms and light weapons, on development, peace and security, and human rights, and the increasing vulnerability of States to such crime”] would be better suited for the crime commission than the CND, since it is not limited to drugs.

Norway said operative paragraph 1 – which “Emphasizes the urgent need to respond to the threat posed by drug trafficking to peace and international security, in different regions, while maintaining an integrated and balanced approach in accordance with the principle of a common and shared responsibility” – should include a reference to the UN Charter and Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Several delegations raised concerns about references to international peace and security.

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