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Committee of the whole – Resolution L10 continued

After an angry vivid 25 minute discussion, the meeting reconvenes.

The consensus that is emerging is to take the proposal of south africa. It is in the last line, is to use “all drugs” including “cannabis” in particular

We are not happy with the cannabis inclusion. there is a lot of political issues here. I want to express my support to the proposal, but as a compromise i will go ahead with the french consensus proposal.

We suggest, in particular, “cannabis, cocaine and sythetic drugs”.

We are reopening something that has already been agreed. the french proposal doesnt meet our concerns. I favour the proposal to say “all drugs, with in particular cannabis” as this is the issue in our continent,

Another solution “associated with all drugs, including cannabis” rather than ” in particular”

This is language used in this commission. The themes of the last commission was capacity building, including “cannabis”.

the current proposal would read “associated with abuse of all drugs including cannabis”.

In Africa! this was agreed in our African group in vienna. Cannabis is the issue in Africa and this is why we are not happy.

south Africa:
I support Kenya’s proposal, “including cannabis” puts cannabis as a secondary problem.we will not accept including this proposal.

who objects to the following “abuse of all drugs, in particular cannabis”
Morocco objects.


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