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Committee of the Whole – Resolution L6: civil society resolution continued

China: We need to resolve OP3. I would like to make the change to the 2nd line, I would like to add a comma after UNODC and add “…in the context of CND”.

Netherlands: This waters down the resolution even further.

China: I would like to challenge the notion of civil society participation at the CND entirely. Netherlands, what is your concern?

Argentina: We would like to thank China for trying to find consensus language. We aren’t quite at the language we want. We want to rephrase the sentence in OP3 line 2, we want to replace Chinas amendment with “as regards of the meeting of this commission”.

Pakistan: This is the maximum that my delegation will agree on.

UK: We could live with Chinas proposal with a slight addition. We would like to add “including in the context of the 55th session of the CND”

Uruguay: We can accept this proposal.

Bolivia: Our proposal of indigenous peoples hasn’t been taken on board.

Germany: Question over OP2 in the 4th line. We have an issue with “conformity with the international drug control conventions” as it limits NGO’s work and im concerned about these implications.

US: Lets adopt this resolution.

UK: Perhaps we could endorse this resolution and make any possible amendments in informal meetings before the plenary.

Argentina: We don’t read this paragraph as a constraint.

Russia: We want to know how NGO’s can further cooperation in tackling drugs. We don’t want to extent this debate further

Germany: OP2 wasnt discussed yesterday. NGO’s don’t work in a legal vacuum. We fear NGO’s will not be in a position to challenge the drug control conventions.

Czech Republic: We support Germany’s comment

Germany: We cannot accept OP2 right now, im am sorry.

Russia: We note the German statement and we do not have the ability to adopt the resolution if OP2 is changed in any way.

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