Committee of the Whole – Support for the development and implementation of an integrated approach to programme development at the UNODC

OP2(bis) and (ter) added: ‘further requests that all regional and thematic programmes include provisions for evaluation including evaluation budgets and evaluation reports and evaluation skills capacity development’.

Change to original text: ‘corporate’ is replaced by ‘financial’
USA: Could the Secretariat provide a proper name to this new system?

Change to original text: replace ‘preferably’ with ‘including’.
Argentina: Why have the writers made this change? USA: This was a proposal made by the US delegation. The suggestion reflects the fact that it is more inclusive terminology. We don’t want States to only increase general purpose. Argentina insists on keeping the term ‘preferably’. Peru supports Argentina. The US compromises: ‘preferably’, but include ‘when feasible’. Agreed!

Change to original text: ‘Takes note of the ongoing efforts on the thematic and regional programmes developed supported by UNODC and the launching of regional programmes of West and East Africa, as well as the consolidation of the ongoing regional programmes for East Asia and the Pacific, South Eastern Europe and Central America and the Caribbean. Takes note also of the presentation of the Arab States programme during the FNGOV meeting on [add date] and looks forward to its inauguration’.
Australia: interpretation of ‘consolidation’: we understand that the Spanish translation means ‘supporting ongoing work

Changes to original text: ‘Welcomes the member states initiatives in creating centres of excellence as part of the regional programmes in Latin America and Caribbean Region, and similar institutions in other regions;.
Argentina: we take note of the deletion of OP8 and OP9 however, can we have more specific language… to reflect the development the have taken place in the region. “the establishment of centres of excellence in different continued in central American and te carribean, as well as in Mexico and peru as an important component for the effective implementation of effective programmes of latin America and the carribean….”
Mexico: we have made a slight proposal.
Argentina: we too support mexicos amendment, we want to change “implementation of regional programmes,” with “implementation of regional and thematic programmes,”.
Mexico: replace invites with encourages?

Changes in the text: add: ‘In close cooperation with member states’

Pakistan: at the end of OP12, we want to add “in their respective mandates”
OP14: deleted.
OP15: The reference to ‘of the UNDC’ would be deleted.
Argentina: add “implementation of thematic programs”
Guatemala: what difference will having UNODC at the end have ?
Para 16: replace ‘apprise’ with ‘inform’
Venezuela: PP1: Amendment: after ‘world drug problem’ we add a full stop.


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