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Committee of the Whole – Resolution L10

Draft resolution L10: Promoting the use and availability of measures to prevent mortality from drug overdose presented by Czech Republic (co-sponsors Denmark and Israel)

After extensive consultations the text has been amended. The new text is dated 14th march.

Germany asks why the new draft has explicit reference to mental health issues. Czech Republic states that this inclusion was requested by the Russian Federation, it an attempt to broaden relations to other factors that can lead to over dose, and asks for a statement form Russia.

The Russian Federations states that it added mental health issues to the document because in many cases deaths from overdose are a direct result of psychological disorders directly linked to drug abuse. One of the fundamental tactics must be to address these problems. This matter is worthy of our attention.

Venezuela would like to amend the action plan to remove irrelevant wording.

Resolution adopted after minor amendment to the action plan by Venezuela.

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