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Plenary, Day 3. Drug demand reduction and treatment : VGNOC statement

Statement on behalf of VNGOC and IDPC. We are networks of NGOS with a global reach. It is a merged statement due to time constraints. I remind delegates that we need to put the statements from beyond 2008 into practice.

We need to continue to strengthen the role of civil society and the informal civil society hearings at the UNODC. Demand reduction and access to services has been consistently raised throughout this session. There have been many ways this week detailing how we can achieve balance in demand reduction

There are a number of ways we could developing this idea: Expert seminars to cover demand reduction, regionally or globally, we see the opportunity for a town hall style meeting on demand reduction, we would like to see a civil society hearing become a part of every CND, and judging by the level of interest in this agenda. We all want to speak more on this agenda item.

On behalf of IDPC and VNGOC, we commend UNODC for its work on drug dependence treatment.

Treatment systems should be a priory of all governments. Treatment is more financially rewarding than criminal sanctions. One recent example is the guidance by 12 UN agencies addressing drug detention centres, representing UN system wide coherence.

IDPC are concerned with the ambiguity in the language in UNODC statements. We think this is dangerous. We need clear interventions such as those in the UNADS guidelines which are absolutely crucial aspects in HIV prevention. Most crucial are OST and needle exchanges. There have some problems endorsing this. However UNAIDS is the scientifically proven body and must be respected and adhered to in it approach. UNODC needs to be clear in its support for the UNAIDS proposals. HIV prevention is a challenges and not an offshoot in demand reduction. We remind all delegations of the important work that civil society is doing. Civil society needs more government support. We hope to cement this partnership in the coming years.

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