Committee of the Whole – Resolution L14: Raising awareness on the diversion of non-scheduled substances as substitutes for scheduled substances in international trade for the illicit manufacture of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances

China – Still has problems with paragraph 4, wants to remove the term “diversion” and included a reference to the “Illicit manufacture of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances”. This was contested by Venezuela to be in line with the title of the convention. This resolution only covers one of two scenarios – 1 being substances that are licit but used illicitly, and 2 substances that are just illicitly produced in the first place. Trinidad and Tobago also ask for keeping the reference to diversion. Venezuela states that in the political declaration, it states that we should prevent the diversion of precursors, it asks China to be flexible. The EU’s intention was to cover the first scenario in the words used until now – substances that have licit use, but are being used illicitly.
Compromise: “risk of diversion of non-scheduled substances as well as manufacture of illicit substances” to cover both scenarios. Argentina objected to this proposal. In the end, delegates agreed to keep to scenario 1 only.
After much debate close to an hour the consensus statement reads; ” Encourages member state to raise awareness of both competent authorities, industries and related sectors and the industry of the risk associated with non-schedule substances utilize for the illicit manufacture of narcotic drug”.

the session was adjourned till the following day 14/03/13

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