Committee of the Whole – Resolution L8: Strengthening of the principle of common and shared responsibility as the basis for guiding international action in combating the world drug problem with a comprehensive and balanced approach

Sponsored by Colombia and Peru

You can access the original text here

Norway – a new paragraph in the pre-ample text on the important efforts of civil society organisations (in particular NGO’s) is included in the text when referring to how to address the world drug problem.

Russia – Russia objects to the use of  particular of NGO’s being mentioned in the text. Russia prefers the text “ including NGO’s” as opposed to “in particular NGO’s”.

Some further discussions around different possible texts in operative paragraph 2 around civil society inclusion. However, this isn’t only a small grammatical change rather than substantive.

Russia seeks further explanation about what role civil society will play and this paragraphs will be finalised in informal meetings

UK seeks to include “recovery” in  operative paragraph 3 (a). Russia adds text around “drug addicts being reintegrated into society.” US changes it to “persons addicted to drugs”

This discussion on this will be finalised in informal discussions.

Colombia adds new paragraph about getting member states to provide UNODC with priority areas as to where international cooperation can be strengthened.

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