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Committee of the Whole – Resolution L13 (continuation from day 2)

The original text can be found here.

Op3: 4 round tables were suggested by Cameroon instead of 3 but there was no consensus on the themes so a clause was put to read; ‘specific subjects to be identified by the commission at its inter-sessional meetings in 2013.

The session went on break and after resumption the US delegate read out a consensus statement agreed with Cameroon and Russia as follows:…………… round tables on three pillars of the plan of action: demand reduction; reducing drug abuse and dependence through a comprehensive approach; supply reduction: reducing the illicit supply of drugs;  control of precursors and of amphetamine-type stimulants, international cooperation on eradication of illicit cultivation and production of psychotropic drugs…………….

Op4   ‘……..and plan of action (remaining text deleted and substituted with the following) achievement, challenges and priorities for further action in the framework of the three international drug control convention and other relevant United nations instrument.

Op11; had much debate among the delegates and was amended to read as follows:
Recommends to the General assembly that the Commission on Narcotics Drugs, as the central policy-making body within the United Nations system dealing with drug related matters will play a leading role for the preparatory process to the Special Session of the General Assembly on the world drug problem to be convened in early 2016, including by presenting its proposals through the ECOSOC, as to the progress in the implementation of the political declaration and plan of action on international cooperation towards an integrated and balanced strategy to counter the world drug problem.

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