3rd Informal Civil Society Hearing – Presentation of Report of the Scientific Consultation Working Group conclusions on drug policy, health and human rights

Dr. Gilberto Gerra, Chief, Drug Prevention and Health Branch of UNODC. 
Five minute summary.  General conclusions of scientific advisory session yesterday.
Will not report content of the recommendations of SC yesterday but will report method we are using.  Innovative thing in my opinion. Recommendation will be reported in plenary by two scientists. On prevention and HIV.  Michel Kazatchkine and Director of Drug Abuse in US.  Two high level scientists.  Mr. Fedetov came and Shamaa and committed us to do this permanently.  To open a permanent relationship between CND policy makers and scientific community.  A great step.  Celebrated 11 March.  7 years ago.  Connection between, science, evidence based intervention and drug policy.  Stop war on drugs and start war on ignorance.  All the misleading views that have been carried out until now.  Journalist report or philosophers or clerics.  Should be informed by science.  

In preparation we have selected 130 scientists, 50, then 25, to come here and be here in person yesterday morning.  Budget and participation. On HIV with six big scientists writing six papers.  About cost effectiveness of harm reduction, prison, women, HCV, compulsory detection… all impacts on HIV outcomes.  Under guidelines of Michel.  Will be presented tomorrow.  First time ever presented.  Academics and society part of civil society.  First to have them presenting at core of opening.  Not in a corner at the end of the week.  Maximum relevance and impact.  Cannot resist reading one recommendation that says.  Criminal sanctions are not beneficial in addressing substance abuse.  They are useless and counter-productive.  Celebrating move from law enforcement to health approach.

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