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Civil Society Hearing: concluding remarks

Director, Non Communicable diseases and Mental Health WHO: We feel inspired and encouraged by the involvement of NGOs and civil society. We are pleased to work with other agencies, We have committed ourselves to making UNGASS 2016 happen.

Yury Fedotov: This briefing has been a good opportunity for member states and NGOs and scientists to work together. One major task is to bridge the gap between science and practise. In this respect we hope that best practise can be used by all member states. Only last year we have been working with over 380 civil society organisations in situations of hardship. These people are our heroes. It’s important that scientists, policy makers and NGOs work together.  Dealing with problems of drug use in a humane way represents an investment in the future, society and young people. This session with contribute to the success of high level discussions at CND 2014 and contributed to UNGASS 2016

Michel Perron: Thanks the Queen of Sweden, who first came many years ago and says that there has been a lot of progress. We should be inspired and encouraged because we have many tools: evidence and recommendations. We have a flexible policy framework. There is a convergence of priorities. There is an urgency. We can bridge this impact gap. The VNGOC will keep on doing these sessions because they add to the discussions here.

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