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Committee of the Whole – E/CN.7/2014/L.2

Promoting the implementation of the United Nations Guiding Principles on Alternative Development and proposal to organize an international seminar/workshop on the implementation of the Guiding Principles

One paragraph pending – OP2

Germany – Not successful so far in formal discussion. After “poverty eradication” add “such development measures include inter alia, rural development, strengthening local governance and institutions, improving access to legal market and infrastructure, and promoting the participation of local communities.” Replaced the formal language and took out the reference to “Access to land”, as although this is agreed language, felt that this was a sensitive issue so took it out for the purpose of consensus.

Brazil – Prefer to see the paragraph as it was originally without the detailing of what measures would include. Will continue talking and discussing to see what kind of agreement can be reached. Need more time to reflect.

Canada – There are still a number of issues out of context, like the access to legal market trade issue.

Argentina – Share the concern of Canadians that there are some elements that do not specifically belong to the debate in this forum. Would like to go back to the original proposal.

France – Clarify the debates on this issue. The points raised in paragraph two have already been validated in the last political declaration. Supports Germany’s proposal.

Germany – Clarify that this is agreed language. Understand concern over access to legal markets. From a technical point of view, this means that farmers that formerly grew illicit crops need markets to sell licit products in order to begin growing licit products. Has no meaning beyond that.

Nigeria – Thank Thailand for bring this resolution to our discussion. Important to widen the scope of support by adding “donors and other international organizations” after the “member states.”

Thailand – No problem with the amendment proposed from Germany.

Canada – Improving access to legal markets is out of the competency of the CND and belongs in a different forum, and that is why Canada is uncomfortable with including this language.

Morocco – Supports Germany’s proposal.

United States – Realize this language has been agreed in the JMS. Concerned it may be taken out of context. Preference would be to stop with “poverty eradication” and not include the listing of development measures.

United Kingdom – Content with Germany’s proposal. Understand the concerns that have been expressed and therefore remain flexible to reach consensus. In regards to Nigeria’s amendment, suggest using “member states and other donors” as this is commonly used language.

Brazil – Issue of context is relevant, as we only see a part of paragraph 34 from the JMS. This paragraph (OP2) is different, and that language is not appropriate. Prefers that we stop the paragraph after “poverty eradication.”

Germany – Perception that the most difficult aspect in this new language is “access to legal markets and.” So propose that this be deleted and keep the rest.

Russia – Suggest deleting the added section to the paragraph.

South Africa – Yesterday requested a clarification of what is meant by “other development measures.” Now we are going back to the original expression that we inquired as to what was meant by it. If we go back, there would be no explanation or clarification as to what we are trying to achieve here.

Thailand – Clarify what we meant by “other development measures.” Similar to what Germany has proposed. Other development measures, product will come out of the market, and needs a place to be sold in the market. Need local supports to sustain development.

Chair – We are having a negotiation between the new additional part of the paragraph proposed by Germany, and deletion of the proposal and sticking with the original text.

Germany – Cannot accept the deletion of the additional language.

Morocco – This paragraph is very important. Would like to take language already agreed in JMS. Understand that the context is different. Perhaps can come up with new language that has the same spirit, namely “enhanced development oriented approaches that implement measures for rural development, strengthening local governments and institutions, improving infrastructure and promoting participation of local communities” after “in coordination with.”

South Africa – Propose the inclusion of the word “and urban” after rural.

Morocco – Illicit cultivation of crops is produced largely in rural area. Would like to stick to language Morocco proposed.

South Africa – Also important for urban areas.

Russia – Clarification from Morocco needed. Have we confused alternative development with development in the sense of millennium development goals?

Germany – This paragraph from the JMS refers to alternative development.

Chair – Interested states can continue discussing this outside the forum. 

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