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Committee of the Whole – Resolutions discussed on Monday afternoon

Two resolutions (L2 and L3) were considered. Final language agreed for only some paragraphs.  Others bracketed and the Chair directed Member states to go to informals to finalize. What follows is a transcript of the debate between member states.  Final language will be posted as soon as it is available.

Committee of the Whole
Dronabinol resolution will be considered directly in the plenary. Text of all resolutions at http://www.unodc.org/unodc/en/commissions/CND/session/57draft-resolutions.html
List of Resolutions:

L2 guiding principles
L3 GMS region
L4 Sport RF
L5 Food poppy seeds RF
L6 Dronabinol Neth
L8 Thailand, Korea
L9 Recovery US
L12 Ketamine Thailand
L13 Drug use disorders EU
L14 Protecting Public health – resources – Greece
For English, click on “E” and for other languages the first letter at the top of the right hand column.
Chair: We have to do about three resolutions per day. For any resolutions with financial implications, secretariat needs 48 hours to respond.

First resolution considered
Thailand: draft resolution

Promoting the implementation of the United Nations Guiding Principles on Alternative Development and proposal to organize an international seminar/workshop on the implementation of the Guiding Principles

Thailand. Follow up on UNGA resolution 68-196 on 12/18/2013.  Aim is to put in practice guiding principles.  In operational governments.  International seminar and workshop implementation invitation from Thailand.   We expect some minor changes and amendment.
Preambular para first.  No comment on title.
Ecuador.  Delegation would like to thank delegation of Thailand of having tabled this resolution.  We support it in full.  Preamb para 1.  Very first line –  include “in the framework” instead of “in accordance.”
Brazil.  PP10.  Recognizing the significant role played by developing countries.  See something more general.  Not “developing countries”.
Canada. Come back to Ecuador proposal.  Does not support the change.  Original language similar to JMS language.

Russian Federation.  PP – 3 Say “Taking into account” instead of “stressing”
China . Supports Canada suggestion
US. Reiterate both Canada’s comments.  Keep reference to conventions in here.  Phrasing of first sentence a bit awkward.  Conventions are the framework.  Delete “in particular – Article 14 thereof” and replace with “Bearing in mind the content of Article 14 of the 1988 conventions regarding methods to eradicate illicit cultivation of narcotic plants and cooperation to increase the effectiveness of these efforts.” (Would be 1 bis.)
France.  Support Canada
Armenia.  “Reaffirming para…” last lines Full stop after “regions” and delete “where appropriate security concerns.”
Ecuador. Could support US position – also a reference to prevention of illicit cultivation.  So it should be “to prevent and eradicate.”
South Africa. PP4.   Insert  “Bearing in mind the capacity and financial resources of developing countries” and, “which” …
Canada  Is this copied from another resolution?
Thailand.  Yes, the UNGA resolution.  So Canada would like to keep original language.
Spain.  Not just bearing in mind resources – reference to common and shared responsibilities.  Not just capacities.  Financial abilities restrictive in our opinion.  We would be restricting the concept of shared responsibility that should prevail in the international community.
Ecuador. End at “1988”.  Leave as it stands in the original text.  New para proposed by US means that the last sentence has meaning.  Then second para as proposed by US. Supported by China.
Colombia. Change could be maintained.  “Which constitutes the framework …” should be in the first para.  Article 14 doesn’t have to be mentioned in both paras.
Germany. Ask US to read out Article 14 of 1988.  Broader than eradication.
US pp1bis proposed.  Taken from resolution cited in prior para.
Russia Federation.  Supports Ecuador and China.
Canada.  Take out reference to specific articles in PP1
PP1 Bis approved.
PP3.  Agreed
PPP4. US.  Before we get to 4.  When this resolution was drafted, was before JMS.  Last line in 3 takes us to 57 session…we now have the statement.  In PP3 bis, have recitation of those aspects of the statement that deal with AD.  So we are current with ourselves.
“Recalls that the JMS adopted by the HLCND at its 57thsession reaffirmed the …and UN  Action Plan on International Cooperation on the eradication of illicit drug crops and on alternative development and the UN Guiding principles on Alternative Development welcomed the efforts made by States to significantly reduce illicit crops cultivation, including, inter alia through development strategies such as alternative development, encouraged MS to be guided by the principles of AD when designing and implementing AD programmes reiterated the need to strengthen international cooperation strategies consistent with domestic legal frameworks, recognized the need for strengthening sustainable crop control strategies and also recognized the significant role played by countries with accumulated experience in alternative development.” [Then don’t need last preambular para because that idea captured in the statement.]
Ecuador. Not in a position to go along with US proposal as it stands.  We need the para retained in text.  Then the US suggestion can be included.
In the US proposal, on the 7th line after “development” – if you want to be consistent with JMS should also be consistent here.  Add “including preventive alternative as appropriate.”  Same with the very last line, after “development.”
Chair. 3 bis agreed.
PP4. Agreed.
PP5. Agreed.
PP6. S. Africa.  Propose insertion second last sentence.  Delete “made by governments” insert “that should be considered by member states” to achieve sustainable development.
UK. Suggest the deletion of the word “all”.  Leave it as “MS”.
Thailand.PP6.  This para has been taken from pp7…of resolution, so should keep original language.  Long negotiation to maintain it.
Chair.  S. Africa, can we keep agreed language?
S. Africa…just reiterating…nothing new.
Chair. Agreed language or not?  Propose original if no comments.
PP7.  S. Africa.  By all human rights we are referring ?? insert “promotion, protection and fulfillment of rights and fundamental freedoms” after “States”
Iran. After “fundamental freedom” – also add “principle of non-intervention in the internal affairs of a state.”
Russian Federation.  Return to original text.
S. Africa. If we return to original para.  If we really mean human rights as we seem to be, won’t have a problem with.  We would not be referring to human rights as completely as we should be.
Iran.  We usually use agreed language.  Has to be cut from Universal Declaration too then.
Canada.  Trying to get at para 1 of 2009 PD.  Maybe we could just take para 1 of 2009 PD.
Morocco. Support Canada suggestion with the addition of language about common and shared responsibility.
PP7 agreed.
PP8. Agreed
PP9. Agreed
PP10. Agreed.
Morocco.  Come back to US. para  3 bis Too long and difficult to read.  Stop after “as appropriate” and then 3 ter” Also welcoming the JMS…”
Ecuador. Back to 3 ter.  After “development” including preventive alternative development”
Spain. In JMS, we talked about PP3 bis.  We “welcome” it…also “stressing” maybe.  To refer back to language of JMS.
Canada.  PP3bis.  Recalling, PP3terAlso recalling. Agreed.
OP1. Agreed.
Germany 1 bis.  “Calls upon MS to take the UN Guiding Principles on alternative development into due consideration while designing implementing and evaluating AD programs and projects, thereby contributing to the dissemination and implementation of the above mentioned guiding principles.”
Peru.  Peru is  a cosponsor.  Very important. Supports proposal made by Germany.  Makes an important contribution.
Ecuador. Also supports German statement.  Including preventive alternative development has to be added.
Thailand. Thanks German  proposal.
Brazil. Can’t support latter part of the para.
RF.  Delete “due” in second line.
Germany. Don’t agree with deletion proposed by Brazil.  Guiding principles drafted by huge effort of MS.  Only exist on paper.
Thailand.  Keep German proposal as is.
UK.  Strengthens resolution.  Implementing PAD programs.  Insert “programs and projects” after AD.  AD as a whole will be evaluated.
Brazil. Exactly the problem of delegation regarding latter part of para is what Thai delegation described.  I liked Morocco proposal, could be a way out.  Acceptable to delegation.
Ecuador. Would prefer, after “PAD” to restore what it said earlier, “programs and projects” and keep Germany’s language, as proposed.  What we are talking about here is general guiding principles adopted by UN for AD.  They need to be disseminated to make sure they are implemented.  Then Morocco’s suggestion.
OP 1 bis agreed.
OP2. S. Africa. Point of clarification. Proposing to break the monotony of “and and and”
RF.  “consider to undertake”
Spain. No obvious need to increase investment.  Suggest “continue to undertake long term investments.”  No actual reason to request an increase.  Will probably be done but no solid grounds to say it needs to be increase.  So have to delete increase because there already is investment.
Germany. Unfortunately, the situation is such that long term investment is taking place.  In a few cases only short term.  Endangers sustainability.  Keep the language…increase long term investment.  Take up S. Africa comment.  Propose add after “poverty eradication” …add “Such development  measures include inter alia the fostering of rural development and licit livelihoods, improving infrastructure, recognizing and enforcing property rights, including access to lands, fostering value chains and creating access to licit markets.”
US.  Delete “sustainable crop control strategies” and replace with “sustainable alternative development”.  Not clear what strategies are.  Calls upon member states to support…not have any of the other phrases until “long term” then delete “investment”.  Calling upon us to support AD in the long term without getting into “increase” …
Brazil.  Cannot support German proposal.  Don’t need to enter into detail.  Touching upon very sensitive issues including access to licit markets.
Canada.  Associate with Brazil.
Germany. Aware that these are sensitive issues, however, were also part of JMS para 34. Of Supply reduction, also talks about access to legal markets.  Use agreed language on JMS.  Access to land agreed language on UN principles on AD.  Keep as it is.  Countries have different ideas of “development measures” so should be spelled out.
Brazil.  Cannot be accepted at this stage.
China. Allies with Brazil.  Cannot go along with German language.
UK.  Suggestion: say “such development measures could include…list”
Morocco.  “Calls upon MS to consider long term support to AD programs and projects including PAD.”  Bracket and Brazil and Germany work on.
OP3. Agreed.
OP 4. Require a strong commitment by member states, constant
UK – rejects “constant”
US .  “after alternatives replace to the illicit cultivation of drug crops with “development”.
Peru. How about active dialog?
RF.  “Strong long term commitment”
Pakistan. Fifth line – “dialogue and cooperation” among “relevant stakeholders.”  Who is conducting a dialog with whom?
Chair.  Thanks very much.
OP5. Slovenia.  Replace “urge” with “invite”.
Canada.  Include civil society as a stakeholder. “IOs, CS, and other stakeholder.”
Morocco.  “Involved in development” – in general or alternative development?
Ecuador. Same question.  After civil society add “scientific community, and academia”.
Thailand.    In this context we are OK with replacing “development” with “AD.”  Would like to retain civil society, but don’t mention scientific community and academia.
Pakistan. Go along with original Ecuador proposal.  Add “relevant” before stakeholders and then qualification for purposes of this para.  Delete from “involved”….then to “workshop”
Yemen. Find words other than “scientific community”.  Academia part of scientific community.
Thailand.  Prefer Ecuador language.  Scientific community and academia.
Afghanistan. Regional before “international” organizations.
Thailand. “other relevant stakeholders” enough – don’t include academia and scientific community.  As host we are doing our best to invite relevant stakeholders.  Don’t get too specific so we have some room to maneuver.
South Africa. Go back to OP3.  Replace “as appropriate” with “on request and in partnership.”
Back and forth on a few more details.
Mexico. Civil society is not just NGOs but includes scientific community and many other sectors of society.  Can accompany and support what was said by Thailand.
El Salvador. Agree with Mexico.  CS is a broader concept that includes academia, communities, the scientific community, etc.
Peru.  CS includes all.
Zimbabwe.  Prefers “invite” to “urge”. To consider actively participating in the international seminar/workshop.
UK.  “To consider actively participating”
OP5. Agreed as it stands on the screen.
OP6.  US. No resource implications for reporting requirements?  UNODC should confirm.
UNODC.  In re the para.  Report on AD would be part of an oral report.  Would not have extrabudgetary costs.  Agreed.
Chair. Brazil and Germany need to work together on OP2.
Germany. Not enough time for agreement.  Weaken in the verbs so that language could be acceptable.  Not “could include” but “may include as appropriate”.
Brazil. Have to consult with head of delegation.

Next Resolution.  L-3. 
Cambodia, China, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Myanmar, Thailand and Viet Nam: draft resolution
Strengthening and expanding international cooperation to counter the threats posed by illicit drug manufacturing, trafficking and use in the Greater Mekong subregion

China. Background and purpose of resolution.  Earlier side event explained a lot to participants.  See CND blog.  Watershed moment in drug control for this reason.  Aim to deal more effectively with what we faced then, especially opiates.  Then we joined hands to enhance cooperation and strengthen collaboration.  For more than two decades, MOU served as platform.  We have brought down opium poppy cultivation, border liaison offices, number of offices is 75.  Also set up computer based training centers for capacity based training of law enforcement, and some treatment centers.  20thanniversary of our cooperation in Myanmar.  However, with change in drug situation now facing numerous challenges and increased meth trafficking and use and growing threat of NPS.  Even with UNODC help, we rise to the challenges, reaffirm commitments, share resources, etc.  Cannot do this alone.  Encourage other support and cooperation from international community.  Call upon attention and concern of international community.

PP1. Denmark. Propose PP.  Does not necessarily have to be new para 1.  Make it more balanced and show consistency with earlier resolutions that deal with international cooperation in a specific region. 56/16.  PP2.
“Reaffirming that the WDP has to be addressed in full conformity with the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations, international law, and the Universal Declaration of HR and, in particular with full interest for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of states, the principle of non-intervention in the internal affairs of states, all human rights, fundamental freedoms, the inherent dignity of all individuals, and the principle of equal rights.”
S. Africa.  PP1 – put in present tense.  “express” their concern”  and “undermines”
US.  Bracket new text for the moment and move on.
China.  Appreciate adding new text, and that it is agreed language, but shouldn’t appear in every resolution drafted here.  Should be dropped.
RF. Supports China.
PP1 Agreed.  PP1 bis bracket.
PP2.  Agreed.
PP3. Agreed
PP4 Agreed
PP5 Agreed
PP6 Agreed
PP7 Agreed
OP1.  S. Africa.  Go back to last para…actually a footnote.
OP1 Venezuela.
2. Acknowledges the need for the countries of the Greater Mekong subregion to enhance and expand cooperation in the areas of law enforcement and demand reduction to counteract the illicit manufacturing, trafficking and abuse of drugs that not only threatens the governance of countries in the subregion but also threatens other parts of the world; with full respect of human rights and ensuing civil society participation. Greece.  Proposal.
Russian Federation.  “Partnership”
Pakistan. Very much appropriate – the new text.  Shows they have been done like that.  Added element that we deeply appreciate.
France. In re human rights, it is important in a resolution like this.  CS participation is very important. 
Russia. Welcome this partnership and human rights record.
China. Express appreciation for amendment and make something more neutral and balanced by saying..”with full respect for relevant international law, including applicable human rights norms and ensuring CS participation, in accordance with domestic legislation of the relevant member states.”
Canada. Associate with France.
Norway. Go back to Greece proposal.
Yemen.  If we retain the previous text, refer t human rights conventions.  Speak about international law. 
Denmark. Go back to Greece proposal.
China.  Proposal is to reflect the fact.  Additional language more neutral and factual.  Insist on retaining proposal, including “international law and national legislation”
Cuba. Approve China proposal.  Better in line.
Yemen. Keep deleted language.  Speak about human rights in terms of the conventions.  Including relevant human rights conventions, more direct to the topic.
China.  Could go along with Yemen amendment.  Prefer “applicable” rather than “relevant”
Myanmar. Delete “relevant” before Member States.
Norway. We would prefer the shorter version.  Not acceptable as it stands now. 
China. Ask Norway what specific language is not acceptable?  We are welcoming six Mekong countries.  Language reflects truth and facts. 
Chair.  Bracket and Work together with Norway. 
OP2. Denmark.  “To enhance and expand cooperation…between all relevant stakeholders, including local, regional  and national levels, international and regional organizations, development agencies, donors and financial institutions as well as scivil society, …
Canada.  Propose adding on second last line, after illicit, “production, manufacturing, trafficking and abuse…”
France.  Start with demand reduction then rule of law and reinforce.
Yemen. Cooperation between all relevant stakeholder should be deleted.
Pakistan.  What is the meaning of “developing agencies” – changed to development.
RF. Put “regional and international” before organizations organizations…
Myanmar. Production and manufacturing the same.  Delete Production.
Venezuela.  Our understanding that in keeping with convention text and SC  there is a significant distinction between production and manufacture.  We would like to revert to original language. 
Pakistan. Change “threatens” to “threaten” – threatens other parts of the world..general threat to other parts of the world implied, but only to governance of subregion? 
Brazil. Not clear the connection between threats to governance of countries in that particular region and other parts of the world.  Delete “other parts of the world”.
China.  Opium cultivation has increased, and growing threat from other drugs threatens the whole world. 
Pakistan.  Reference to the term “threatens other parts of the world” could be “may also affect other parts of the world.”
China.  Delete “may”.  From law enforcement agencies.  And have witnessed threats to other parts of the world.
Canada.  “Also negatively affects other parts of the world!”
Brazil.  Also negatively affects.
France.  No longer well balanced.  “Threatens” twice.  Unhinges paragraph.  “Negatively affects” would be better. When we refer to demand reduction, priority in France, and law enforcement, we are neglecting the concept of supply reduction rather than law enforcement. 
China. “but also threatens some other parts of the world.”  Propose modifying third to last line.  “public health and public security.”
Yemen.  Whole text does not look harmonized.  Colleagues from China should provide us with new text.
Chair.  Many comments.  Keep.  Bracket and come back later.
China. Manufacturing, trafficking and abuse of drugs and diversion of precursors.  More factual. 
OP3.  UK.  Have trouble supporting an MOA signed over 20 years ago.  Suggest that we “take note of 1993 MOA”
Pakistan. Some adjustment required.  Instead of inviting international community to take note of…say “takes note with appreciation,…”
Russia. Need more proactive language. No proper language..
Canada. “Invites MS to take note with appreciation of the mechanism..”
China. Will try to accommodate concerns.  “Takes note with appreciation of the efforts made by member states within the framework of the mechanism of…and …invites MS to provide support to these efforts based on consultations with the MS of the mechanism.”
UK. …to consider providing support…
Pakistan. Align ourselves with China and UK, would like to propose to add, after “providing”…”to consider providing effective support to these efforts…”
Myanmar. Meaning is to invite international community to support the mechanism.  Request China delegation to consider para again with amendments.
Chair.  Original sponsors of the resolution should get together and have an informal with interested member states and come back later.
Secretariat.  Tomorrow at 11am Ambass of Spain is going to convene informals in room M5 on resolution L10 on UNGASS Preparations.
Chair.  Tomorrow will start negotiations on L4.  Language not agreed today, come back.

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