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High Level Segment – Minister of Health, State of Austria.

Enhance tools of multilateral drug policy.  Tackle WDP through most suitable means.  Expresses support for UNODC.  Technical support crucial.  Drug phenomenon continues to pose a serious threat to health, safety and wellbeing of humanity.  Tackle WDP through holistic approach.  Innovative way with realistic goals in mind.  Develop comprehensive and integrated approaches to detection and analysis of NPS.  Will allow us to provide appropriate instruments to reduce drug abuse and help treatment.  Has to tackle both demand and supply.  See other major challenges.  Abuse of prescription medicines, have stronger focus on drug related impacts, need to promote research.  Implementation of harm reduction crucial.  Integrated, evidence based approach based on balance between demand and supply.

Important role of civil society.  Creates new perspectives and livelihoods.  High priority for Austria.  Support AD in LAM.  Efforts a long term venture.  Must not tire in our efforts to tackle WDP.  Policies have to be evidence based.  Improve instruments to monitor drug problem so we have proper evidence base.  Suitable and promising solutions.  We have already successfully overcome some of the challenges.  Where improvements are needed should be addressed with frankness and sincerity.  Reaffirm importance of CND and UNODC as prime responsible bodies for upcoming UNGASS.   Trust that 57th CND will make a very valuable contribution.

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