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High-Level Segment: Opening

H.E. Ambassador Khaled Abdel-Rhaman Shamaa: Would like to thank everyone involved in getting to the 57th CND session. Thanks the ambassador of Peru who helped get them through the 56th session. First item of the provisional agenda is the election of officers from last session which she then announced. Second item is to approve the agenda. This is passed. The round tables discussions will focus on the three pillars. H.E. Shamaa talks about the rules of the round table discussions. H.E. Shamaa formally opens the high level segment. Says that world drug problem is a threat to public health, sovereignty of states, and undermines economic sustainability and development. The UN GA says that the World Drug Problem a common and shared problem for the global community.  Over 123 states attending the High Level Segment. Thanks Queen Silvia of Sweden for opening the high level segment and talks about other issues that will be talked about today.

Please click here to read the full statement: http://myconference.unov.org//Documents/Get/d7e2a052-d329-4426-bac1-46521c862ab1

Queen Silva of Sweden: The Queen thanks the UNODC for asking her to open the CND. Says that things have changed since she first came to the CND 2009. Says today’s talks are the foundation for UNGASS 2016. The Queen says that when she meets people with drug problems her heart bursts. Says  that young people suffer the most and lose hope. When she founded the Mentor Foundation 20 years the queen has met many young people and has seen the harm drug misuse causes. Says that drugs not only affect the people who use them Says that there should be zero tolerance. Working on prevention, supply and demand reduction. Says that the UN drug conventions are the best way to do this. Says that the Mentor foundation helps young people are empowered to make healthy decisions. 2014 is the 25th anniversary on the convention on the rights of the child. The conventions sets out rights for children, if a child lives in a house hold that uses drugs then their rights are affected. Says we cannot let drug abuse be an acceptable part of peoples lives because of this. Urges the member states to work together to help solve the world drug problem. Civil society plays a vital role in combatting drug abuse. It is crucial in all UN processes in drug affairs, and they need to be included in UNGASS. My vision is one for a society free of narcotic drugs. She hopes that the coming days will be successful.

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