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High Level Segment – Statement by Argentina

Argentina has undergone political changes since the early 2000s, and clawing back from a neo-liberal government. In the past we have experience great levels of poverty and inequality. New policies have changed this, and we have regained self respect. Broadened access to public health. Social inclusion is important and needs to be considered. Inclusion is the opposite of exclusion. Our approach to the drug problem are based on well coordinated division of task and includes: fight against trafficking, fight against money laundering, timely judiciary process, prevention training and assistance, this paradigm is the basis of which we are approaching the scourge of drugs. In the past the approach was almost exclusively based on police oppression. “drug addicts” have been stigmatised because of a market-oriented approach. The main objective should be oriented at not criminalising poverty. We are also dedicated to guaranteeing rights, so as to reduce harm and benefit health. Drug abuse is a global phenomena that has characteristics in each country, and even different within countries. Doing a lot at a local level to help young people and other vulnerable groups. The idea is to go beyond assistance to work with communities and social inclusion. Argentina have done work to set up a register of precursor chemicals and controls the licit use of some substances, aimed at limiting diversion. Have had trouble cracking down on money laundering due to tax havens. Need to have a shared international policies in this regard. Regional cooperation is key to developing a response to the World Drug Problem. Latin America and Caribbean is working on better integrating. Drug control can be seen as a form of neo colonialism. We need a new drug policy that places the human at the centre. Argentina is committed to common good and social justice and focuseed on personal development of individuals and communities. The drug problem is not an accidental one. It damages our young people.

Please click here to view the full statement: http://myconference.unov.org//Documents/Get/f51e6b1c-58f1-468b-a081-137f050caca8

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