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High Level Segment – Statement by OSCE

In today’s rapidly evolving security environment, we are threatened by many complex issues undermining international peace and security. Partnerships are critical. Illicit drug flight should be done under the principle of balanced and shared responsibility.

A strategy will be designed for Afghanistan will be an opportunity to promote peace, security and development in the region. We should build the capacity there to stop the flow of illicit drugs. 50 OSCE field operations are currently in place to build capacity and expert networks in Afghanistan. The security of our neighbours increases security in our region. We have a common cooperative concept of security. We are also inclusive and work in partnerships.

Key ways we contribute to the 2009 political declaration:
– adopted a strategy to adopt the challenge of illicit drugs
– strategic framework in 2012 for effective national drug strategies
– 2007: annual counter-narcotics conference, with focus on internet work, the possibility of establishing an international cybercrime board, closer cooperation among law enforcement

Much more needs to be done to tackle the threat of illicit drugs. The UNODC has a leading role, as does the INCB. We must promote cooperation in this domain both in planning and implementation.

We also enjoy cooperation with INTERPOL, EUROPOL and others. We will continue contributing in close cooperation with the plan of action.

Please click here to view the full statement: http://myconference.unov.org//Documents/Get/6860c534-f453-4cab-8ec0-f488be92609a

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