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High Level Segment – Statement of Japan

Japan has five points
1) need a balanced approach. Have a 5 year drug strategy where government agencies cross-cooperate. will raise awareness of young people, help drug addicts reintegrate, strong sanctions against drug users.
2) Methamphetamine is a global problem. It is easily produced with precursors. Concerned about threat of methamphetamine. Japan would like to strengthen countermeasures on precursors. Interception at border is important. Japan is hosting a side event of meth.
3) counter measures against NPS. Japan is strengthening its laws against NPS and providing information on the substances it intercepts. Japan requests govts share information and take strong steps to counter NPS.
4) Japan is concerned about trend of cannabis legalisation. Concerned about USA’s legalisation of cannabis for recreational use.
5) Concerned about harm reduction methods, such as needle exchanges. Japan believes that harm reduction does not reduce drug abuse. Japan opposes blanket harm reduction measures.

Please click here to view the full statement: http://myconference.unov.org//Documents/Get/0e7e2002-bfee-4d67-bd62-1d00c6601468

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