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High Level Segment – Statement of Lichtenstein

L welcomes UNGASS for policy evaluation and adjustment and looks forward to constructive discussions.  Acknowledges important achievements.  Alternative development and health policy.  Drug fueled transnational organized crime has had devastating effects, threatening security of nations.  Threatens human rights.  Lichtenstein fully committed to efforts to combat transnational organized crime.  Has been organized to meet all standards.  Practical implementation of legislation.  Confiscation of assets from drug related activities.  Response needs to be more balanced and evidence based.  Intern drug control framework to address health and welfare of humankind.  POlicies must be fully coherent with international human rights law.  Universal abolition of death penalty where it is still applied for drug related offenses in violation of Covenant on civil and political rights.  Comprehensive demand related policy in L.  Medical and psych. treatment.  Access to treatment crucial.  Can be restricted by overly punitive approach.  Perception of stigma and marginalization from education and psychosocial care prevents drug users from claiming their rights.  Integration a best practice in drug policy.  Achieves low risk consumption rates for drug users.  Empowerment of women and girls should be prioritized.  Thank representatives of civil society for important contribution and express hope that they participate more actively in the future.

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