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High Level Segment – Statement of Tajikistan

Taj is located next to Afghanistan and next to other drug producing areas. Have always been a strong supporter of drug control measures. Want to fight this social evil. Regionally, with the withdrawal from Afghanistan by the USA, held an international/regional meeting to discuss what will happen after this. This was attended by many countries in the region and the USA and the UNODC. Attention was devoted to regional cooperation.

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Will improve legislation to better control importation. Other new laws on narcotics. NPS have been added as a new schedule. 102 tonnes have been seized. Taj does not produce drugs. They see their role as stopping trafficking. Building capacity of border guards. Many new outpost built and a traing facility. 8 tonnes of narcotics removed since this came into place. A dog handling school and training facility has been opened. Supports the UNODC regional programme. Propose extending its duration past 2018. Drug enforcement officers working with Russia and US.


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