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High Level Segment – Statemeny by Minister of Health of Lithuania

Assures full cooperation of Lithuanian delegation.  Commitment to PD and POA of 2009.  Fully associates itself with EU statement.  In my national capacity, add the following.  Lithuania held Presidency last section.  Played an important role during difficult month of negotiations.  Essential principle we always wish to see respected is respect for fundamental human rights, human dignity and rule of law.  strongly oppose death penalty and call for proportionate sanctions and aim for reintegration of offenders in line with EU drug strategy.  3 international drug control conventions and HR conventions are framework.  PWUD entitled to harm reduction.

Destigmatization very important.  Increasing evidence that health oriented approach most effective in reducing illicit drug use.  Reintegrate people back into society.  Treatment as an alternative to criminal justice an alternative to drug users and drug dependent individuals.  Effective cooperation between pubic health and law enforcement in building effective evidence based drug policies.  Role of CS and NGOs most important in building strategies.  Public health approach should be central in global debate.  Encourage MS to consider that drugs should not be tackled as public security problem.  A significant public health issue.  Must be implemented globally.  Risk and harm reduction as scientific basis for interventions such as OST and NSP for IDU.  From Lithuanian point of view it is very important to uphold balance between supply and demand.  Strong need to develop comprehensive and global approaches.  Information sharing  etc.  Strengthen cooperation to combat money laundering to dismantle criminal organizations.  Prevent trafficking of precursors.  Support Global Early Warning System to increase data collection on exchange of real time information on trafficking and production.

Please click here to view the full statement: http://myconference.unov.org//Documents/Get/865cfe78-c2f5-4efa-a91f-4873679efb6d

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