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High Level Segment – Vietnam statement

The high level segment will be a successful one and contribute to UNGASS 2016. Vietnam has been implementing many anti-drug programmes on drug and crime prevention and suppression. Vietnam place importance on prevention. Have placed emphasis on social support for preventing drug use. Vietnam has been proactive. Vietnam faced with many challenges like drug trafficking. Have been seizing more heroin, opium and pills. NPS have made the situation more complicated. Our region cannot do a good job on stopping trafficking without support. The Vietnamese govt proposes that the international community to support less developed countries and regions. They also call for support and approval to strengthen law enforcement activity on transnational trafficking these people need to receive the most severe goal. UNODC needs to provide more assistance in policy making capacity to countries like Vietnam. International cooperation is very important. Together we will face fight and solve ilict drug problem.

Please click here to view the full statement: http://myconference.unov.org//Documents/Get/aba3a301-eb34-4d62-9860-df8cbdf0f5c2

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