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Minister of Home Affairs Zimbabwe

Assures full cooperation and support of delegation.  Associates with statement of African Group.  Full implementation of government of three conventions.  Also AU plan on drug control 2013-2017.  Full implementation of INCB recommendations on visit to Zimb three years ago.  Z vulnerable to drug traffickers.  Notes with deep concern magnitude and complexity of drug trafficking undermine socioeconomic well being of youth.  Drug problem not prevalent in southern african now.  Now signs of increasing problems.  Consumption of drugs shown in more people seeking help.  Seizures show more use.  Signs of growing problem.  Delegation strongly is of view for compelling need for comprehensive and balanced approach including root causes.  need for Sustainable alternative development key to reducing illicit cultivation including cannabis.  Cognizant of INCB report that cannabis most widely trafficked in Africa.  Importance of 1988 convention, which identified cannabis as harmful.  Most abused drug in Zimbabwe.  20% grown locally.  During March 2013-2014 thousands of kg of cannabis seized.  Govt. keen to establish links with challenges such as money laundering, trafficking and other such crimes.  Undermines MDGs.  There is need to build capacity to detect, collect and collate info on trafficking and consumption.  Need for provision of adequate resources to improve reporting accuracy in order to develop successful evidence based drug policies.

Building capacity must be emphasized and consistent.  Importance to obligations regarding regional and international  cooperation.   Common and shared responsibility.  International law should be strengthened to tackle WDP including emerging phenomenon.  Mutual legal assistance and extradition, cooperation among and between law enforcement authorities.  mr. Chairman, in conclusion, let me assure you of support of my delegation, etc….

Please click here to view the full statement: http://myconference.unov.org//Documents/Get/556e5e7f-f932-411b-89a1-f2bda9da0d19

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